Ambrosia Best farmhouses in Nagpur have marked their incredible presence. A project by Central Indias renowned builder Vatsalya Group launched Ambrosia farm villas near the freeway. Ambrosia farm villas enjoys an unbeatable location and connectivity with the second capital of Maharashtra and other major cities in India.An impressive 300 acres real estate in Nagpur is a picturesque with a thoughtfully designed master plan that includes approximately 10 acres for clubhouse and 5 acres of space for recreation center. Perfectly designed, beautifully landscaped gardens creates the perfect environment for the whole family to relax, rest and play. This peaceful location with a contemporary outlook certainly offers residents a relaxing lifestyle. Best Farmhouses in Nagpur



  • iconLuxurious Farm house
  • iconClub House
  • iconWater park
  • iconRecreational Area
  • iconRestaurant & Bar
  • iconDelux Rooms For Stay

Our time at Ambrosia Farm Villa was like stepping into a fairytale. The villa was pure luxury, and the team treated us like royalty. We had a blast with all the poolside games and activities : even us adults couldn't resist joining in! And oh my, the food at the restaurant was like a symphony of flavors. Counting down the days until we're back for another unforgettable getaway

Our celebration at Ambrosia Farm Villa was an absolute spacious with the picturesque setting. The staff's attention to detail and impeccable service made us feel truly pampered. From the well-curated menu to the lively atmosphere, our guests had an amazing time. If you're looking to host an event that leaves a lasting impression, look no further than Ambrosia Farm Villa

Ambrosia Farm Villa is like a slice of paradise. We lost track of time with all the fun stuff to do - swimming, games, you name it. But the real magic? The way they make you feel right at home. And don't even get me started on the food - our taste buds are still dancing! Huge shoutout to the team for giving us an experience that felt like a warm hug


10 / May


16 / February

Pool Party